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There are times when even though how high you are in the corporate ladder already, how huge your salary is, how prominent you are in the business world, you feel that there’s something lacking. You feel that you are meant to do yet some other thing, but the problem is, you don’t know what it is.

Still, there are moments when you feel that what you are doing is simply not what you love doing. For instance, you’ve spent all your life being in the sales field promoting cash loans or payday loans – Canada or elsewhere – yet you feel that you are meant to be a researcher. During your university days, your favorite subjects are those that have to do with research but you end up in sales because that’s the first job you obtained right after graduation. You are getting promotion after promotion but the higher you went up the corporate ladder, the more frustrated you are about yourself for not heeding your “calling.”

What do you do? Are you just to stay depressed? Are you to stay in your comfort zone and forget about your passion? Probably not. Maybe you need to consider having a career shift. Maybe you need to change your line of work.

Here are a couple of instances when a career shift is the better alternative.

When you don’t feel fulfilled regardless of your success.

Man is insatiable. That’s true. But there are moments when your emptiness is about not doing what you truly love doing. You empty your savings or even avail of payday loans to go on leave and travel to the different parts of the world just to have a break from your normal office life. You probably have been taking payday loans one after another because you constantly feel the need to buy something for yourself just to fill that emptiness. But regardless of how many payday loans you’ve availed of and paid up, nothing happens. Well, maybe because your heart is looking for something else.

When you feel like changing your line of work.

Now, this is a tricky tip because every once in a while, you feel exhausted about the monotony of your workday and you want to do something different. When you heed this call every time, you probably are setting yourself up as a career jetsetter.

Well, so as you won’t always avail of payday loans to let you afford new office attire for your new career, consider a shift in the line of your work only when you strongly feel about it. You would know when that time comes. Listen to your gut. Listen to your instincts.

Changing your line of work is not an easy decision. You will probably exhaust a month’s earning, and perhaps avail of a couple of payday loans before you can make that decision. Regardless, you still have to make the choice. You are entitled to your own happiness, after all. You should do what it is that will make you happy. If making you happy involves starting from scratch (e.g. from a Human Resources Manager to a Research Assistant), then so be it. If making you happy means getting out of your comfort zone and getting into murky waters, then so be it!